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ASHA and Anganwadi Workers Praised VV and The Quint’s Community Level Initiative to Fight against Coronavirus

This video starts with a young man praising the efforts of The Quint and Video Volunteers program ‘Jaan Jao, Jaan Bachao’. He mentioned the uniqueness of the program of mobilising the community and sharing the information collectively, so that the participants can discuss the efficacy of these vaccinations amongst themselves.

In the 10 villages of District Jaunpur, the vaccination awareness campaign repelled the misinformations on fatality, infertility, cancer and other issues. Numerous SM channels, including Whatsapp, Local Video Channels, auto rickshaws with audio booming messages on loop and pamphlets in vernacular are the tools of this information dissemination program. The ASHA and Anganwadi workers became a multiplier for this program as they are anyway ingrained in community health.

ASHA and Anganwadi workers spoke about the courage they got from the Video Volunteers team in this video. Few of the ASHA workers mentioned that they themselves are convinced of the vaccines only after they read the information from VV and The Quint. It is a great example of a successful collective effort to repel misinformation and encourage people to get vaccinations. As the campaign name suggests, accurate information is going to save your lives - ‘Jaan Jao, Jaan Bachao’- in this period.

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