Anganwadis: A Distant Dream for Some

Anganwadi centres across rural India are meant to bring healthcare and primary education facilities for young children below the age of 6, young girls as well as pregnant nursing mothers. These centres that often run out of one room huts are vital for the wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable sections of India's population.

Community Correspondent Kamal Kishore Purty, in this video, highlights the problems being faced by one community in Jharkhand to access the Anganwadi centre set up for them.

There are currently 2 Anganwadis operational in Bing village in Kudpani Block, West Singhbhum. They serve a population of 1778 people which lives across 4 wards. Of these, 3 wards are far away from the Anganwadi centre making it inconvenient for young mothers and pregnant women to access them.

For those who depend on the centres to take care of their children while they are at work, the distances are a deal breaker. Mohini Talami, a young mother from Kontola wishes that she could send her child to an Anganwadi. If she could, her child would have access to a safe environment to play in with other children. She would also have access to pre-primary schooling and nutritious food. She says:

"I can't go to the Anganwadi centre because it is 3 kilometres away. This is very far away from where I live. There should be another centre for this side of the village."

While making this video CC Kamal found that many people have not been visiting the centre to get their rations of nutrition supplements for new borns nor for vaccinations. Janki, who works at one of the centres, confirmed the situation and agreed that it was not accessible to many people in the village.

Kamal hopes that those of you watching this video will lend your voice to the concerns of the residents of Bing and help them in their endeavours to get a new Anganwadi centre.

Call to Action: Please call Ms Priti Rai, Child Development Officer of Khuntpani Block on 09431442224 and ask her to start a mini Anganwadi in Ganjudi

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