What is IndiaUnheard?

IndiaUnheard consists of a network of 200 Community Correspondents (CCs) spread across 27 Indian states in India, and representing persons from India’s most marginalized groups, including Dalits, tribal people, and sexual minorities. They are trained in all manner of documentation, compelling storytelling and video journalism, as well as the use of social media as a reporting tool. The powerful combination of these new media approaches—video journalism, SMS reporting and social media networking— allows them to engage with both the national and international audience in a truly innovative way.

Why was IndiaUnheard started?

Developments in technology are revolutionizing the way we communication. However, access, format, and content continue to exclude the poor from both the production and consumption of media, as well as the purposes it serves: to inform and inspire discussion, and solutions to issues. IndiaUnheard is direct attempt to readdress this imbalance, and bring communities into the forefront of the media revolution.

Where can I see videos made by CC’s?

The videos made by our correspondents cover a range of topics, from caste discrimination to gender equality, to forced evictions. Watch them here.

Who can join?

View the profile of potential Community Correspondents here.

How do I become a Community Correspondent?

Follow the link to our application form for IndiaUnheard.

How do I nominate someone to become a CC?

Follow the link to our application form for IndiaUnheard.

How much will I be paid?

Community Correspondents are paid  a stipend between Rs. 1500-2000 for each video that they produce. For each Impact video produced, i.e a video that brings direct change to the community they are paid Rs.5000.

I work for an NGO. How can we get involved?

If you are an NGO working on a particular issue, you can partner to launch a Community Video Unit. You can also create a regional hub for IndiaUnheard Community News Service and become a regional hub for community media, or, create a campaign with IndiaUnheard. To know more about these and all the other exciting partnership opportunities, click here.

If you are a media house curious to know how community-produced content could enhance your programming, please contact us to discuss how we can work together.  Our community network produces high quality work tailored to your needs, specifications and style.  See our other media partners here.

What impact has IndiaUnheard had?

To read more about the successes and impact our videos have had click on the following link.

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