Asbestos Factory Built Against Law & Better Sense

  The fact that asbestos has been banned in 52 countries attests to the lethal nature of its fibres, which are directly linked to lung cancer and asbestosis if inhaled. However, in India, steered by a need for jobs and sturdy building material, asbestos continues to be manufactured and imported in large quantities. According to the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, India is the largest importer of asbestos, most of which is used in the production of corrugated roofing sheets. In Ajeet's village in Bihar, the owners of the factory bought fertile land from the villagers under the pretext of setting up a medicine manufacturing unit. Once the truth came out, the inhabitants surrounding the factory complained and insisted that it be shut down. But authorities, pressured by a powerful lobby, have turned a deaf ear. Bereft of proper health care and security regulations, villagers are afraid that the ones who work in the factory and those who live around it will be exposed to a slow and inevitable death.

A Ground zero observation on environmental crisis in India

/ July 1, 2022

This episode of ‘Awaaz Ho Buland’ is about the environment and our immediate actions to keep our Earth from further deterioration.

The Rhythmic Tribal Culture

/ June 29, 2022

Bastar, in Chattisgarh State, India, is well known for their tribal population, and their unique, distinctive cultural heritage. In this area, the tradition of playing Madar has been going on since time immemorial.

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