Towards Equality for Girls

There is a great outrage in the country to curb acts of violence against women. But violence is not the only problem girls and women face in the country; at every stage in their lives, hurdles appear in the form of discrimination both subtle and obvious. For many it starts in school where they will not get the same quality of education as the boys in their community. Basanti Soren, our Community Correspondent reporting from Ramgarh, Jharkhand on one such incident. If you've watched this video, today is your chance to make a small change. Start a conversation on gender discrimination and share this video. Priyanka Shrivastav from Upgraded High School Tapin Village Ramgarh District's Mandu block explains the extent of gender discrimination in individual homes. She says that her and her sister are sent to Government school due to being female, whereas there brother is sent to a private English medium school. She further explains how most of the students in her school are female and that she did not dare to question her parents regarding this. Boys are generally sent to private schools. Priyanka hopes one day to be a doctor, but only if her parents allow her to continue studying. Her teacher further explains how most of the children in the school are from poor backgrounds where a lot of gender discrimination takes place. The mentality there is to spend as little on female education and as much on male education. In his experience of 35 years if girls were to be given better facilities then they too could excel in every field, whether it be education or sports. This way girls can support their family. Community Correspondent Basanti felt compelled to document the emotional trauma of girls facing gender discrimination. She continues to explain about the horrific number of unknown cases of female foeticide. If you support gender equality, share this video. Let's start talking about this. For more watch our playlist on Empowering women through videos on YouTube

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