Toilets after an year in Sahjadpur

In the year 2014 in Sahjadpur village, Madhya Pradesh there were nearly more than 300 (110 BPL & 197 job card) people living without toilet facility. There was not a single public or private toilet in an entire village. Under the Maryada Abhiyan campaign in Madhya Pradesh 100 toilets supposed to be constructed at the end of 2014, but no work was done. Villagers pleaded to the officers 8 months ago (with their identity card & ration card) before the video was made but nothing happened. Aartibai Valmiki, the community correspondent made the video about this problem and screened it to the officers. After the screening officials came in action and started building toilets in Sahjadpur village. In 2015 more than 60 toilets were built in village.
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