Turbans reinforcing caste system and identities

Who knew tying a turban can be a way to reinforce caste identity in a society!

In Delwara village of Rajasthan, different communities tie their turbans differently as a sign to indicate which caste they belong to. This different turban style helps people decide their interactions towards people belonging to a different caste. The older generation believes that caste identification through turbans is very necessary as they don’t want the lower caste person to touch anything that is meant for the upper caste.

This video by Community Correspondent, Shambhulal Khatik shows how even after 69 years of Independence, India is still enslaved to ideas enforced by the caste system. 

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Manual Scavenging in India: Illegal, yet in Practise

/ October 17, 2019

In India, we continue to practice manual scavenging, a derogatory practice, confined to people belonging to lower castes and resulting in their deaths.

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Extreme Caste Discrimination Leaves Puri’s Dalits Threatened and Looted

/ July 5, 2019

One of India’s biggest religious hubs, Puri, is also a hub for atrocities against Dalits by upper caste individuals.

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