Teachers Come Only on Republic Day

Kulbhanaga Pahad, Mundru, Sahebganj, Jharkhand | Shikha Paharin

35 children eligible under the RTE act want an education. The only hiccup being the absent teachers who only show up on Republic Day every year. Concerned parents & residents submitted an application to the District Collector after which the teachers attended school but only for a few days. The School Management Committee has been inactive on the issue. Residents claim that the Chairman of the committee is involved in the scam and receives a share of the profit. The parents confronted the teachers and have since received multiple threats to their life, for asking them to do their duties. There are 15 more children in the village who want to enroll in school to get proper education but are deterred by the absence of teachers.

50 children are waiting for their teachers to come to school. Residents want the current teachers to be removed and demand appointment of new teachers.
Please call/text Commissioner A. Muthukumar on +91-9431152021 & ask him to take immediate action.

Shikha Paharin reports from Sahebganj district of Jharkhand for IndiaUnheard.

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