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Women Suffer Anaemia

/ June 1, 2010

Despite being the city of apples, women in Himachal Pradesh suffer from Anaemia.

Welcoming Turns Violent

/ May 28, 2010

Ap eaceful home welcoming turned violent leading to around 70 people injured most of them women.

Devdasi or Temple Slave

/ May 25, 2010

Devdasi is the institutionalized practice of exploiting women by religious organizations and temples.

Corrupt Cops Ignore Rape

/ May 11, 2010

Jai Kumar, Community Correspondent from Punjab, documents the failure of local police to properly investigate crimes.

Laboring with Hand Tools Alone

/ May 10, 2010

In Nagaland’s Wokha district and elsewhere women still engage in back-breaking labor with nothing but manual tools to till the soil.

Making it Happen Locally: interview with Jessica Mayberry

/ September 5, 2009

Posted by Morgan Currie, VV Volunteer. I volunteered with VV for three months this year, February to April, primarily videotaping VV’s work in Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. I witnessed first-hand VV’s innovative training models, in particular the Community Video Units, and also saw the stirrings of new programs. In May,...

Is a CNN For the Base of the Pyramid Possible?

/ August 4, 2008

When we and our NGO partners initiate community members–young men and women from the slums and villages of India–into their new full-time jobs as ‘Community Video Producers,’ we often start the training sessions by drawing a triangle on the board. ‘This pyramid,’ the Video Trainer says, ‘represents the global media.’...