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Impact: 132 Students Receive Scholarships

/ July 9, 2015

9th July 2015 | Bhatwa, Maharajganj District, Uttar Pradesh | Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal Students at the Bhatwa Primary school were being cheated out of a government scholarship, which despite being paltry, was useful to buy uniforms, books and stationery. Community Correspondent Sanjay Kumar intervened with his camera and ensured that...

Dilapidated school roof threatens safety of 100 students

/ October 22, 2014

The roof of the government school in Patti Block of Pratapgarh district leaks incessantly and is in the danger of falling down. VV-PACS Community Correspondent Chanda Bharti reports how this has endangered more than 100 students who study there. Government primary education centres go a long way in ensuring that...

420 students 2 teachers

/ July 1, 2014

420 students 2 teachers.  Only Maths and English taught 2 hours a day.  Students do the jobs of teachers and have to teach themselves at home.  This is the reality for Kanku Bai National High School students.   Call to Action:  You can help change this.  Call the number below...