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No School ForSpecial Children

/ August 10, 2010

There are 112 primary schools, 34 middle schools and 23 high schools in Nagaland’s Wokha, but none for children with special needs.

Education Miles Away

/ June 24, 2010

Realizing the Right to Education will be a large challenge in the Northeast.

AIDS StigmatizesChild’s Life

/ June 17, 2010

At this moment, India has a relatively low level AIDS prevalence rate in comparison to other countries.

Government Ignores Preschoolers

/ May 20, 2010

Under the Anganwadi system in India, it was legislated that even pre-school children have a right to schooling. 

One Room Schooling

/ May 17, 2010

In Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, there are many schools where education takes place only in a single room.

CVUs on Nickelodeon

/ December 9, 2007

Community Producer Neeru was featured on October 21st on Nickelodeon, in a special about Dalit kids. Read about it here. Neeru, shown here filling out a feedback form at a screening of a community video unit, is one of the all-Dalit community Producers working at Navsarjan’s CVU. Written by Jessica...