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Ration Rationed

/ May 26, 2014

 “I’m very worried. I have two grandchildren. We are not getting up to 16-17 kilos of our entitled ration.” This is the situation for people like this grandmother from Basia Village, Madhya Pradesh where the salesman in charge of distributing rations has been absent for six months now.  The salesman,...

Deliberately Delaying the Supply of Rations

/ April 4, 2014

The students of Government Primary School of Bhodiyapani village, Tamia block, Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh were given a paste of salt and chilli with flatbread in the name of food for two consecutive days. The teachers and students speak about the quality of mid day meals being provided. VV-PACS Correspondent Anita...

The Road to Ration

/ January 10, 2014

875 people reside in Takhtpur village but only 135 people have BPL cards. They have to walk 4 km to another village, to access the Ration Distributor. It is just not the distance but the terrible condition of the way, which makes it even more difficult to carry ration back...

Corruption Hinders BPL scheme

/ November 17, 2010

BPL cards are not issued to those who need them most.

Poor Denied Rations

/ June 2, 2010

Despite having applied for Ration Cards 2 years ago, they have not received it.