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Pushing for Better Maternal Health Facilities

/ December 27, 2013

“When I was about deliver my son, I had to hire a private car to take me and bring me back from the hospital. The same situation occurred when my daughter was about to be born. This time I paid Rs.800 for the car. The ambulance didn’t come”, says a...

Dedicated Individuals Run One Dysfunctional School

/ December 25, 2013

Each morning the children file in to the Primary school in Ambarpur village. They go despite knowing that the day ahead will in all probability be a rough one. They have one teacher, no drinking water nor benches to sit on. VV-PACS Correspondent Rajkumar reports from Raebarelli District Uttar Pradesh....

Pumping Water to Rural India

/ December 24, 2013

Afsa a 15 year old girl walks a distance of 500 Meters everyday to fetch water for her family. There are some days where she makes multiple trips. Afsa should be at school but instead finds herself saddled with this responsibility. VV-PACS Correspondent Shabnam reports on the issue. For the...