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51 villages will be submerged by Sardar Sarovar Dam

/ May 31, 2016

The picturesque village of Kasrawad stands by the banks of river Narmada. However, the village may be soon consumed by the river, which had nourished it for centuries due to the nearby Sardar Sarovar Dam. While a government survey back in 2001 had claimed that over 360 houses will be...

450 people cheated of Rehabilitation benefits

/ April 18, 2016

Fifty-four families of Amlali village of Barwani in Madhya Pradesh were rehabilitated in 2011. But none of these families have been given basic facilities to ensure that they can live in comfort. These settlements have been made along hills where water can enter the houses in times of rain. There...

We want water! Arti Bai reports for IndiaUnheard

/ November 20, 2015

Arti bai reports from Indra colony in Madhya Pradesh, on problems faced by the people for getting drinking water. The pipelines don’t work, handpump is broken and people have to walk 1-2 KM to get drinking water.  

Broken school building damaging dreams

/ August 11, 2015

Domdadar, Dindori, Madhya Pradesh | Surajeeya Paraste The primary school in Domdadar village of Madhya Pradesh hasn’t been repaired since 25 years. As many as 59 children from classes 1st to 5th study in one classroom. These children are not able to study well. Surajeeya interviews Ramcharan Mathur, a resident...

One Billion Rising: A woman’s fight for morals

/ February 12, 2015

February 12; Damoh, Madhya Pradesh Rekha Rana looks after her two children by earning money from stitching. Her husband, like many others from the village, is a taxi driver in New Delhi. On March 30 of last year, Rekha received an envelope containing a picture — a woman standing with...

Deliberately Delaying the Supply of Rations

/ April 4, 2014

The students of Government Primary School of Bhodiyapani village, Tamia block, Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh were given a paste of salt and chilli with flatbread in the name of food for two consecutive days. The teachers and students speak about the quality of mid day meals being provided. VV-PACS Correspondent Anita...

Farmers Harassed, Fight for Secure Land Rights

/ February 10, 2014

Madhya Pradesh is one India’s most forest rich areas of India with thirty three per cent of its land under forests. For a majority of its population, who are farmers these forests are essential parts of their lives. Their lands, small produce like wood, fruits, medicinal herbs all come from...

A Land to Call Our Own

/ January 30, 2014

Across India, farmers are fighting for their lands and rights. Despite their struggles all they get is harassment, torture and humiliation by the Government officials. Ghasiram Mohike, is one such person currently facing this problem. Eight year ago he took over fallow land and started cultivating on it. His sweat...