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Social Media Ambassador For Change

/ April 8, 2013

Promotion Share link to job on VV social media platforms Post job announcement on job/volunteering sites Ask like-minded individuals/orgs to send out to their networks Send to universities with journalism, non-profit management, communications, community media etc. programs—ask professors and administrators to help spread the word Send to the 10,000 people...

VV Correspondent’s Father Released from Jail After 113 Days; Was Booked For Forwarding a WhatsApp...

/ March 5, 2021

A video of the police brutality before the arrest of VV correspondent Zainab Siddiqui's father and brother went viral online.

Pipelines of Garbage

/ January 9, 2014

  In Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh, people are getting unhealthy water through broken plastic pipelines and are forced to use this water every day for all the purposes. Just above the plastic pipelines there is a huge garbage pit where all people dump their garbage. The metal pipelines where...

Wanted Video Volunteers Social Media Ambassadors

/ April 8, 2013

You believe that the right words can get people to listen. You believe that the right voice can get people to act. You think of social media as a platform that collapses borders and unites people. You believe you have the power to inform and transform society. You are a...

Drug Traps Lucknow Youth

/ March 16, 2011

Poor and uneducated youths of Lucknow fall prey to drug addiction as illegal drug sale thrives in the city.

Clay Figurines: The Threatened Craft

/ December 2, 2010

Heritage craft of Lucknow, India needs patronage, preservation.

Childhood Confined To Four Walls

/ October 18, 2010

59 children in a government-run orphanage in India’s Allahabad await a new home and a better life.