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IMPACT | Illegal Riverbed Mining Stopped in RanbiAra, Shopian, Kashmir

/ August 31, 2020

Video Volunteers reporting helps to stop illegal mining of sand and minerals from a Shopian riverbed in Kashmir

Rehabilitation of the Kashmir Valley

/ January 30, 2015

January 30; Kupwara, Kashmir The floods that hit Kashmir valley in September last year, swelled the Khemil river that resulted in devastation of crops in Kupwara district. What made things worse for the residents was the lack of dredging in the river: the fertile land was fast turning barren. Community...

What do the Kashmir election results say about nationalism and separatism?

/ January 2, 2015

The Prime Minister said he “saw people’s faith in democracy” in the voter queues in Kashmir last month, and the Defence Minister claimed that Pakistan was “unnerved by the 72 per cent voter turnout” in the state. There was unusually high voter turn out in the recently concluded Kashmir state...

Fighting the Impending Catastrophe of Land Pollution in Kashmir

/ December 26, 2014

The possibility of an epidemic looms large over Anantnag, the second biggest district in Kashmir after Srinagar. After the floods, which hit the region in September earlier this year, the problems of sanitation and hygiene have become manifest. Fumigation of the busy areas in the city, especially the bus stand...

Documenting the Aftershocks: Village in Kashmir cries for compensation

/ December 24, 2014

Floods that hit Kashmir earlier this year, destroyed the crops of Krechapathri village in Shopian district. Community Correspondent Musheer ul Haq Manhaas reports on the damage caused by water and the troubling conditions faced by locals. The Assembly Elections that will conclude on Friday have delayed the rehabilitation drive following...

Kashmir Flood Survivors still wait for compensation

/ December 24, 2014

As the Assembly Elections come to a close in Jammu & Kashmir, those affected by September’s floods continue to wait on relief and compensation. Will the newly formed government be able to take on this mammoth task? This report from Lelhaar in Pulwama evidences the damage done to the lives...

35 families lived the year without electricity in Kashmir

/ December 22, 2014

A kerosene lamp sits on the switchboard of the transformer stand in Wandelvangam, Jammu & Kashmir. It is in lieu of the electricity to be provided by the switchboard. The residents of the area haven’t had any electricity for about eight months now.   “He (the Executive Engineer of the...