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A school with a difference

/ November 19, 2014

“Before coming to this camp, I used to graze goats,” says Durga Kumari, a student at Seva Mandir, an NGO that works as an alternative for kids who can’t go to a school. Community Correspondent Shambhulal reports on the ineffectual government schools in rural Rajasthan and how Seva Manadir’s model...

Ground Report: Flimsy conditions of a government school in Uttar Pradesh

/ November 14, 2014

The primary school in Puraina village, which houses 134 students, is a ramshackle block with no boundary wall. The toilet — built a long time ago — is no longer in a working condition either. Students wander about the campus to relieve themselves, VV-PACS Community Correspondent Brahmajith reports from Siddharth...

637 Student and No toilets

/ November 12, 2014

Community correspondent Mister Alam reports from Ganpati Vigha village in Hilsa block of Nalanda district of Bihar, on the lack of sanitation facilities in the village’s middle school. CALL TO ACTION: Call the Block Education Officer for Hilsa Block of Nalanda district, on +91-9939712741, and demand that construction of toilets...