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Video Volunteers and Bloomberg collaborate on rural reporting

/ December 11, 2014

Video Volunteers is pleased to share the first products from the VV-Bloomberg mentoring collaboration.In March 2014, VV and Bloomberg joined forces on a project in which five Bloomberg reporters coached twelve of VV’s Community Correspondents to help them produce videos on a variety of social issues. Bloomberg coaches are sharing...

Policy Pipe-dreams: Smart Card is just a piece of plastic in Jharkhand

/ October 13, 2014

“They told me that the smart card is not working,” says Bahamuni Hembrom, who had to pay more than INR 10000 to the nursing home where she delivered her child. “When we were coming back, they took the receipt back,” her husband told Community Correspondent Chunnu Hansda.   CALL FOR ACTION:...

Brutalities in Bihar: Raped, Murdered and Disposed Off

/ September 9, 2014

Ever since the horrific incident of December 16 in the capital city, there has been a surge in reporting cases of gender violence. This surge, however, hasn’t done much to stop the acts of inhumane brutalities. In Begusarai district of Bihar, earlier this year in April, an 11-year-old girl was...