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The Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) Scheme is a 1985 Indian government initiated social welfare programme created to provide housing for the rural underprivileged in India. Mo Kudia (My Hut) is a scheme that was launched in 2008in Odisha to provide houses to those families who were deprived the benefits of IAY due to not having Below Poverty Line(BPL) status. Samuel Bhuyan is one of the many who is not getting access to any of these schemes. 


Call to Action: Coming from an underprivileged background Samuel is unable to get the authorities to listen to his case. This is why we need your help to put pressure on the Block Development Officer to give Samuel a new roof over his head.


Mr. Sudhakar Nayak, Block Development Officer (BDO), Naktideul Block, Sambalpur district, Tel: +919938242754.


VV Correspondent Mamta Patra, interviews Samuel Bhuyan from Uparapada Bhalukhol village, Kisinda panchayat, Naktideul block, Sambapur district, Odisha.  Samuel has tried to access the IAY scheme but not having BPL status was rejected.  He has tried to get a house under the Mo Kudia scheme and failed again.


Samuel Bhuyan, “We feel unsafe living here.  I feel during monsoon season this house may collapse.  Also rainwater seeps inside during monsoons.  The roof is made of straw.  High winds may damage this thatched house. We may die inside. We fear that.”


All is not lost.  Through similar case, Community Correspondent Kamal Kishor from Jharkhand managed to bring houses to his community through his video.  This goes to show just how powerful a community’s voice teamed with a camera is.


That is why we need your help to solve this issue.  We need the BDO to help Samuel get the house he deserves.  So please call the number above NOW!


Watch more videos like this by clicking on this link.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu

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