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Remembering Amit Topno, A Fierce Activist, Journalist And Friend

Amit Topno joined Video Volunteers in 2012, and worked extensively on various community issues without fear! This video is a tribute to Amit's work. 

On Amit's birthday, we at Video Volunteers would like to share this video showcasing Amit's work and his impact on his community. Amit was a strong believer of 'Jal Jungle Zameen' belonging to the communities who live and protect nature.

Amit was shot on December 9, 2018 and it's been a year, we miss his energy and passion for making this world a better place.

Amit was a Community Correspondent and an Adivasi inhabitant of the conflict-prone region of Khunti. In the escalating conflict between a draconian state and violent insurgency, Amit believed that the ones who lose out most are the innocents caught in between. He had witnessed thousands of violations that the state and insurgents have committed in the name of ‘development’ and ‘freedom’. It is a difficult region to work in, but Amit had a decade of experience as a grassroots organizer and leader. As a Community Correspondent he believed it was his responsibility that these injustices were heard, understood and redressed. Justice for Amit.

To know the more about Amit Topno's work, watch our playlist - Click here.

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Video produced by Purnima Damade.

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