Primary Healthcare Paralysed Without Electricity

The Primary Healthcare Centre in Budhikomna village in Odisha's Nuapada District has had to operate without electricity for many years. Community Correspondent Abhishek Kumar Dash reports on the sorry state of affairs in the area.

20,000 people from four village councils depend on this centre for all their medical needs and emergencies. But without electricity the staff can't operate the equipment like X rays and fridges don't work. On most days people do not get the medical care they need.

This is a classic case where despite available infrastructure and a dedicated staff people are let down by a system. You can help change this today

Call to Action: Please call Mr. Kishore Kumar Sahoo, the Sub-Divisional Officer of the Western Electricity Supply Company Odisha on +91 9437287523 and ask him to get electricity at the PHC in Budhikomna.

Nuapada District gets its supply of electricity from Western Electricity Supply Company Odisha (WESCO), one of four distributors in Odisha. Earlier during the summer of 2014 most of Odisha stewed in the heat with power outages that lasted up to 10 hours! The most common reason that has been cited is that all four distributors are using very old poles, wires and transmitters that are on the verge of collapse.

Abhishek covered another story about the trials people have faced in trying to get electricity in this video-

Clearly, the Government of Odisha needs to do something to rectify this situation. You can make sure this happens by calling the number above.

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