Power Cuts
Short-Circuit Growth

Recently Nagaland government has shown much seriousness in achieving higher industrial growth. In fact, currently a special Industrial Growth Centre with high standard infrastructure is being set up at Ganeshnagar near Dimapur. The Growth Centre, beside sufficient water supply and communication facilities, also aims to provide dedicated Power supply. However, heavy dependence on on the neighboring States of Meghalaya and Assam for its power requirement has been a big obstacle in its road to achieve industrial growth. At present there are hours of power cuts everyday, affecting business units, especially the smaller ones like internet cafes, restaurants, computer centres and xerox centres. While some run their businesses on generator, those who can not afford a generator, simply shuts down the shop. This, is turn, affects ordinary citizens’ lives. Renchano Humtsoe, our Correspondent is one of them. As there was no power, she couldn’t charge the batteries of her camera for many days. There is only a single Internet centre in her area and when power cuts forced the owner to shut down the café, Renchano couldn’t use a computer to burn a DVD with her video. She couldn’t access mails and above all, even though the video is available to a global audience, Renchano herself must wait for days before she can watch it on the web. Recently the state government has commissioned three new power projects in the state. These are: 75 MW Hydel Project at Doyang, 24MW Hydel Project at Likhimro and another 24KW Thermal Project. With this, the power availability in the state is expected to improve, making the supply of adequate power to industry possible. However, according to the Association of Power Engineers of Nagaland (APEN), the state must also have new distribution lines, transformers and more employees. In short, along with capacity additions there should be increased manpower for manning the new assets.
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