People in this south Kashmir Village Trek Miles for Potable water – Shafat Reports

Around 80 households of south Kashmir's Rakhi Brah village are forced to draw water in containers from some three kilometres away, as the water storage tank which was built by the government has remained non-functional since last five years. The women folk Trek this distance daily to fetch clean water for drinking and cooking purposes. Shafat Mir reports

Shopian Village Struggles for Clean Drinking Water

/ July 20, 2022

The ‘Heff Khuri’ village of Shopian, Kashmir Valley is a microcosm of the water shortage issues the whole Kashmir is facing now. The villagers over there are dependent on smaller streams for a long time now, for their drinking water.

Impact Story

Villagers in Bankura Came Together To Fix Water Crisis

/ July 9, 2022

This is a story of collective will and finding solutions for immediate problems. In this Pindarbari village, Bankura District, West Bengal, all the hand pumps were defunct and the main Submersible Pump was also not working, for three years. The villagers had a hard time collecting water from nearby villages,...

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