Caste based skirmish leaves 1 dead and 54 injured

/ September 30, 2013

On 15th August we asked you, what independence meant to you. This video is a telling account of the level of independence many have in India 69 years after India gained Independence. Labels like Caste, gender and religion still guide people’s lives, curb their freedom, and impinge on their rights....

Rajasthan River Under Threat

/ April 17, 2013

“The Jalsen river of Rajasthan is reeling under the threat of extinction due to bad policies and skewered development. In the near future, people in and around the Hindaun Region are in the danger of being left high and dry. IndiaUnheard Correspondent Sunita Kasera reports. “

Polluting touch :Untouchability reigns

/ April 12, 2013

The caste system in India prescribes that all menial and filthy jobs be done by the “lowest caste”. In continuation of this tradition, Carrying away and disposing of the rotting carcases of dead animals is exclusively a ‘Dalit’ job. This undignified labour done without any protection or equipment carries with...