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Over Three Months Since PM Declared India 100% ODF | Our Fact Check Continues

A video narrative debunking the overreported data of Swachh Bharat Mission and claims of 100% ODF in India

While data released the Swachh Bharat Mission showed all villages in many states as open defecation free, data from our recent 'Fact check of Modi's 100% ODF claim' videos running from 2nd November 2019, expose the reality of this claim.

Moreover, survey released by the National Statistical Office (NSO) in November 2019, explains at length that how rural households across India still lacks access to toilets. Video Volunteers also video documented 77 reports, from 43 districts in 9 states, and came up with a ground-up, perplexing contradiction that debunks the whole plot of 100% ODF claim!

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Celebrations! A tribal Village is Open defection Free now.

/ February 19, 2020

Applauds for our Community Corresspondent Satya Banchor! He acted as a strong catalyst in bringing about this change in the lives of the poor tribals. 

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India’s Open Defecation Free status: Claim versus Reality

/ November 25, 2019

The ground reality of PM Modi's 100% ODF claim. Is it successful? The reality is very different, and India is still far from being open defecation free.

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