On the World Social Justice Day, help build a better tomorrow

February 20; Sunderpur, Varanasi
On the World Social Justice Day, in line with the theme of ending poverty, human trafficking and forced labour Community Correspondent Shabnam tells an awe-inspiring story of a woman, who is trying to give education to slum kids in Varanasi.
When Pratibha Singh followed a bunch of kids who used to beg for food and money in her neighbourhood to their slum, she saw far too clearly what was needed to be done. The future of these kids was a grim eventuality if they weren’t given education. Pratibha started a primary school and 20 kids come to study regularly. She also organises activities to induce learning habits and give the kids a healthy meal. The kids who come to study are those who can’t afford to pay the tuition fees at school. Pratibha covers all costs from her personal savings, so that these kids can also have a shot at their future.
There are many more kids who want to join, but for that to happen, Pratibha needs your help. Today, you can pledge your support to Pratibha and help ensure these kids get the education everyone is entitled to.
You can reach out through any of these mediums:
Phone: +91-93891 89492
Address: House Number 8/15, A2, Newada, Sunderpur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. (PIN Code: 221005)
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