Omnipresent Corruption

A couple of months ago CC Neeru Rathod was able to eradicate corruption in Kanpura Primary School, where the organizer of the MDM was swindeling rations and funds. With the help of the community and the school staff, Neeru was able to end this corruption and get the the children what was rightfully theirs. But, can corruption be eradicated that easily? Yes, one village at a time.  

In another instance of corruption, Mansukhbhai, the organizer of MDM at the Limli Primary School has been siphoning off the rations allocated for the MDM scheme. When Bhagwanbhai, a resident of Limli & guardian of a student at the school, asked the organizer as to why he has not cooked any meals for 4 days in a row – his question was met with violence. The organizer not only abused him verbally, but also sent his nephews to beat him up. Bhagwanbhai was left unconscious. In an interview with CC Neeru, Mansukhbhai boasted of this feat. 

Corruption is not only present everywhere, but is making it’s presence felt. Other residents have testified on camera that the organizer sells the rations meant for MDM in the market and is often found giving it away to his sister and other relatives. The principal of the school knows of this and has turned a blind eye if you were to believe the villagers. Perhaps he doesn’t know that assisting a crime is also a crime. Out of approximately 200 children who study in the school, only 20 or so actually get to the Mid Day Meal. And over that, Mansukhbhai only provides food three days a week. 

Determined to bring change, CC Neeru requests you to please call Mr. Dodiya, Deputy Magistrate of Supply Department, Muli block, Surendranagar district, Gujarat at +91-9825672934 and ask him to take immediate action against the organizer.



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