Not A Drop To Drink: Village Thirsts For New Bore Well

Every month like clockwork, cities across the nation make loud complaints about infrastructure falling way short of accommodating the population. While the mainstream makes it seem like it is a predominantly urban issue, IndiaUnheard’s infrastructure videos shed light on the myriad problems of basic services like roads, electricity and water that cripple rural India and leave Indian villages socially, economically and politically alienated. In today’s video IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent Warles Surin chronicles life in Aydega village, District Simdega, Jharkhand where the local bore well, the only source of water in the neighborhood has been running on empty for the past two years.  On further investigation, Warles realized that it was a simple damage to the pipeline connecting the bore well. He met with the village council and together they tried to seek for a replacement. “We met the concerned authorities. They informed us that the problem was simple but the solution was out-of-date. The dimensions of the pipe used for constructing the bore well have long ceased to be the standard. It is next to impossible to source a spare part in working condition,” says Warles. “The only option we have now is to install a new and up-to-date bore well.” Supply of potable for daily needs is the only demand of the people of Aydega. Life has been difficult for the two years since the bore well stopped functioning. They have to walk to a tiny pool a kilometer away from the village for all the water that they need. Since the men are away working, the burden falls most on the women and the children. “It could seem like a small problem but I would like the viewers of the video to think of the confusion that happens when the water stops coming out of the taps even for a few hours,” says Warles. “The 35 families of Aydega have not received water for over two years.” Call to Action:- “I request the viewers of my video to place a call to Mr. Amar George Ayant, in-charge of regional district development, Simdega on +919835363051 and demand that the village of Aydega, situated in the Sadaktoli region get a new bore well immediately.” “Thank you.”
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