Moving Images: From the Journal of VV Director Stalin K

Past two months have been an extremely busy time for the VV director Stalin. From conducting special training workshops in visual arts and sustainability for NGOs to consulting on policy decisions on community radio and sharing his vision of community media in international film festivals, he has been truly a man on the move. Here is a leaf out of his journal during Dec'10-Jan'11. January' 2011, Presentation on 'Models of Media Activism’ at Vibgyor Film Festival, Kerala From 14-16th January, Stalin was at Vibgyor International Film Festival in Trissur, Kerala. Invited to speak on 'Models of Media Activism’, Stalin presented two unique models of community media that Video Volunteers pioneered at: Community Video Unit and  IndiaUnheard -Community New Service. Among his audience were film makers, students, civil society organizations, academics and artists from other visual art medium. December 13-15, National Consultation on Policy Reforms on Community Radio, New Delhi [caption id="attachment_1904" align="alignleft" width="370" caption="Photo courtesy: UNESCO"][/caption] The  National Consultation on Community Radio was held at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. Organized by  UNESCO, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and the Community Radio Forum, the consultation deliberated on various issues related to community radio in India including policy; experiences from community radio on the ground, broadcasting technology and infrastructure, financial and social sustainability, and role of government departments and international agencies among others. Stalin presented, on behalf of the Community Radio Forum, recommendations to make the Policy more effective. Nov 30 - Dec 1, Workshop in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh on 'Marketing and Sustainability of Community Radio' Radio Bundelkhand, an initiative of Development Alternatives NGO,  is India's second community radio station.  Radio Bundelkhand is located in Orccha, Madhya Pradesh. Stalin was in Orchha, at  radio Bundelkhand's local office to hold  a training workshop on 'Marketing and Sustainability of Community Radio'. Attended by the entire staff of the radio station, the 2-day long workshop had an in-depth financial analysis and strategy planning on how to earn revenues by using local means. October 29-30, Strategic planning consultation in Nashik, Maharashtra From October 29-30, Stalin was in Nashik, Maharashtra, to conduct a strategic planning consultation program for Abhivyakti Media for Development. Abhivyakti focuses on issues of concern related to social organizations and works with them to enable them to recognize their identity, role and potential become active developmental actor. Stalin conducted a workshop to  analyze Abhivyakti's current programs and develop a strategic roadmap for the future. The workshop was attended by Abhivyakti's board members, staff and associates. Sep-Oct,  'Seeing, beyond looking’ Training workshop in Chennai ,Tamil Nadu The workshop conducted here was aimed at enhancing skills of  young professionals to use photography as a medium for capturing rural realities and deconstruct assumptions about villages and people. Twenty two people from diverse fields such as finance, research, marketing and human resources at IFMR were brought together for this workshop. At the workshop the participants learnt to explore perspectives, identities and use of the camera as  a tool to see beyond the obvious. To learn more about Stalin and his work, click here

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