Stealing the reward: Head of Tantamukti group steals reward money

Corruption exists at all levels in India, wherever there is a position of power. Due to this, the good Samaritans amongst even the poorest of the poor are denied services and through that justice itself.

Tantamukt group in Danel village of Maharashtra had done commendable services in the past. They had been rewarded with Rs.3,00,000 by the Indian Government for their efforts. This amount was awarded to the entire group. A cheque was given to the Chairman of the group, which he deposited into a joint account. However, the Village Head and Council member took out all the money without informing the Chairman. The group members are distressed as the amount cheated off them could have been used for the greater good of the community by building plantations or public toilets.

Community Correspondent Chetan Salve exposes the levels of corruption riddling even smaller institutions of power in the country and is calling for strict action against this misappropriation of the fund.

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