Lessons in Perseverance

As we kick off “Pass Ya Fail”, our campaign on Right to Education in India, this week we bring you compelling evidence on the lack of access to education in the country.

Community Correspondent Dasrathi Behera reports on how the Raskai Primary School in Sambalpur, Odisha is being run from a thatched roof instead of a proper building.

The 25 students and their teachers continue to make do with what they have under difficult circumstances.

Mukesh Meher, a teacher says:
” We find it impossible to teach here. We’ve bought a lot of equipment for the students as per government orders and they have to be stored in another house. The lady who cooks mid-day meals has to do so in an open kitchen.”

The school violates several norms set out by the Right to Education Act- School buildings should be all weather buildings; mid-day meals should be cooked in a proper kitchen. You can help make sure these violations end.

Call to Action: Please cal Mr Pankaj Pradhan, Block Development Officer on 09437543841 and ask him to ensure that the school is built

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