Impact: Discrimination stands alive in crematoriums

Community Correspondent, Shambhu belongs to the Khatik community in Delwara, Rajasthan. The crematorium space for his community was shared with two other Dalit sub-castes, the Meghwals and the Ghametis. Shambu spoke of the space as a 'ghetto' for the dearly departed in a video published in November 2012. Since then, he and the local cable operator have joined hands and made sure the road got fixed.
Soon after he received an edited version of the video, Shambhu got the local cable operator on board to air the film on the community. The plan was a hit. Immediately, the locals were moved to take action and forced the village administration to sit up and listen. They had tried to put in applications earlier as well but this time they were backed by visual evidence.

Internet and mainstream news, now on satellite, still don't reach vast majorities of the Indian population. In this case we have depended on ingenious methods of our CCs to show videos back to the communities they are filmed in. The way this process has unfolded goes to prove that community video is empowering not just for the producer but also the entire community.
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