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India at Work: The Many Lives of Labour I India Loud & Clear I EP 9

This week in India Loud & Clear the many lives of labour.

Ever imagined how a working life is envisioned by most of you?

Probably a fancy metro job recruited from or A small chance you are imagining daylong stone bricking in some Odisha mine. But to tell you bluntly, both are real. And everything that lies in between and on the extreme outs. Labour in India represents all we breathe in this country. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Grace Jasmine takes you to the states of Haryana, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh to show you India at work. From the banned, but full practiced work of manual scavenging, frustrated job-seeking youth of Mumbai, unemployment-hit villages forcing families to migrate to other parts of the country and exploited communities fighting an everlasting battle against industrial giants.

India Loud & Clear is the weekly news show produced by Video Volunteers, the media organization by and from Community Correspondents. We bring you no breaking news, no sensation, only community voices.

Check the links below to find out more about our Community Correspondents and the stories used for this episode:

Amol Lalzare - Maharashtra

Amit Kumar - Bihar

Rajesh Gupta - Chhattisgarh

Reena - Haryana

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Video produced by Video Volunteers. 
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