Poor quality drains built in Bihar despite ample funds

The open sewage line in this village of Bihar has started disintegrating even before its construction is completed. The contractor has been cutting costs, using sub-standard cement and used bricks, and overlooking the set meaasurements according to the guidlines of the local administration. "The molding for the gutter was supposed to be 4 inches deep, but it's only 1 inch now," says a resident.

 The villagers want that a new sewage line is built, in accordance to the estimates given to the construtor with good quality materials.  

RTI Activists are Under Attack in Odisha

/ October 27, 2022

In this video from Puri, Odisha, the RTI activist is badly assaulted and he alleges that the Police is protecting the culprits because of the political ideology and patronage of the ruling party of Odisha.

 Video Volunteers Fixing the Gap between Community and Government

/ October 20, 2022

Our community correspondents operate as citizen journalists in their own community and bring the issues to the larger world through video reports. As a part of this process of transformation, we include government officials to play an important part.

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