Impact: Justice for victims of caste based murder

On the 13th of August, District Collector of Rohtas district ordered that no one would be allowed to hoist a flag or do any sort of activity on the temple land that Independence Day. But that didn’t matter…

As India celebrated its 66th Independence Day, the Dalits of Dandva Baddi Village were under attack from the upper caste people. Community Correspondent Amarjeet had reported the case from Rohtas District, Bihar, in his very first video. An unrest had been brewing for some time in Dandva Baddi because the so called upper caste families were unhappy with the fact that the Dalits had built a temple on the main road. They were infuriated by the fact that they had to walk through the Dalit temple to get to their houses.It is in this context that some people from the upper caste groups planned to hoist the Indian flag at the Independence Day celebrations in the grounds of the temple, to stake a claim to that area and install a statue of a local freedom fighter.

The skirmish left 54 injured and one dead. Many lost all their belongings as their homes turned to ashes in the firing done by the hands of the upper caste community. The evidence Amarjeet and his friends collected helped the families get justice. He spoke to us to share the Impact story for the occasion of World Day of Social Justice.
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