Community comes together to end the ration dealer corruption in Bihar

Public Distribution System in India is an institution where corruption is practised rampantly. So, when our Community Correspondent Reena Devi was informed by the residents of Sikkat village about the corruption within their local Public Distribution System, she went there and shot a video on the issue.

The government of India has sponsored many schemes to provide highly subsidised food to millions of poor families in the country.Under these schemes, they can get rice, oil, kerosene etc. at lower rates from the Public Distribution System Shop. However, corruption has riddled the system, cheating many poor people of the essentials they deserve.

Reena was told that the local dealer at the shop was giving less ration while demanding higher rates. Once this video was made, Reena along with the community went to the Sub Divisional Officer to submit an application to put an end to this. When no action was taken despite this application, the community decided to take the matter into their own hands and locked the dealer's shop.This move jolted the dealer into realisation of his mistake who shortly thereafter distributed full ration to all the cardholders.

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