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Impact| Community Gets Clean Road – Maya Khodve Reports for IndiaUnheard

The residents of Amrapalinagar, a slum in Nashik city had been suffering from a smelly and clogged sewage system for the last 5 years. Although the City Municipality was supposed to regularly clean the sewage, they had been neglecting the work. As a result, the slum which is home to 25,000 people, mostly migrant labourers were left to bear the burden of this gross neglect of sanitation and hygiene. While residents themselves would clean the sewage, the municipality's inaction towards cleanliness led to clogged drains and roads filled with filthy water.

Maya Khodve, a Community Correspondent with VV, lived in the same slum. The Sewage Officer and the Health Officer of the area continued to ignore the problem even as Maya presented a video evidence of the issues faced by the Amrapalinagar residents .Under Maya's leadership, 10-15 residents approached Health officer at the Municipality Office and decided to occupy the office until the administration fixed the drains of Amrapalinagar.

Under pressure, both the officers monitored the much-needed repairs. It took one month to set the drainage system of the colony, but justice was achieved. Maya's movement was directed only at 1000 people. However the entire area, consisting of 25,000 people was benefited through this. 

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