Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

Anjuna, Goa


The HR Manager is an important role in the HR function of the organization. The HR Manager will work closely with and report to the Director Operations. She/he will be primarily responsible for staff happiness and retention. We want our culture to be that of professionalism and transparency in line with our ethos of making every voice stronger. The HR Manager will be primarily responsible for:

  1. Recruiting the right talent for the organization
  2. Improving staff retention
  3. Ensuring productivity of the staff by resolving conflicts, improving staff participation in decision making, designing and conducting trainings for staff development and being responsible for the overall mental and emotional health of the team.

The most important qualities we are looking for are maturity, integrity, very high level of professionalism, sensitivity, great communication skills, enthusiasm and a positive outlook to life and work. The right person would have at least 5 years of experience in managing the HR function, preferably in a non-profit, with additional experience in the areas of training and development and conflict management.


Key Responsibilities

Recruitment and onboarding

Be the first point of contact for all HR related queries

Assess organizational staff needs in consultation with the directors and take necessary steps to recruit the right candidates. This may include, but is not limited to

  • Posting ads on online platforms
  • Promoting the vacancy on social media
  • Using networking websites like LinkedIn to network within relevant groups to source potential candidates
  • Interviewing potential candidates
  • Arrange interviews and meetings between candidates and strategic area leads or directors of VV
  • Negotiate salaries and other terms of employment
  • Draft contracts and get them signed

Peruse applications received online regularly

Maintain database of relevant resumes for future needs

Lead the orientation of new staff members so that each new employee has a very clear understanding of our work, vision, mission and strategic plans.


Staff Retention and Happiness

This is the most important part of the HR Manager’s role.

Be part of the annual strategic planning process.

Design and conduct trainings for the staff on time management, conflict resolution, decision-making, staff motivation, team management etc.

Design and organize trainings led by other staff or external experts to help VV staff grow.

Organize inter-team workshops and trainings to improve synergies between teams and develop cross cutting skills.

Organize speakers, movies, retreats and events for keeping the staff motivated

Resolve inter-staff conflicts following a conflict resolution process and document each conflict with a closure report

Understand VV’s rules related to sexual harassment in the work place and consult with VV’s Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) should they seek advice.

Monitor office discipline in the context of VV’s policies of staff behavior and highlight issues if any.

Coordinate and organize the annual performance assessments.

Write organizational policies and procedures related to HR. Draw the organogram (organizational structure) and keep it updated

Write and update JDs

Maintain a record of staff birthdays and other special days and use budgeted amounts to arrange for celebration and cakes.



Manage employee contracts by keeping track of when contracts are ending and initiating the renewal process

Manage employee records and files.

Maintain Human Resources records by recording new hires, transfers, terminations, promotions, changes in remuneration, changes in job classification and designations etc.

Maintain records of leaves, travels, compensatory offs, maternity leaves and other offs. Calculate monthly pays based on attendance.

Be the point person for office Internet, electricity, phone and other utilities. Make sure the bills are paid on time and without delay. Maintain a database of phone numbers to call in case of problems related to utilities.

Be responsible for the maintenance of the office premises- make sure it is clean, tidy and presentable at all times.



Other sundry duties may be assigned from time to time when needed such as: taking minutes of team meetings, taking minutes of board meetings, maintaining minutes register, coordinating with state offices, state coordinators and correspondents, helping in writing funding proposals and funder reports, generating database reports, managing contacts on salesforce, leading or helping in organizing events and so on.



A minimum of 5 years of experience in HR in an organization of repute

Demonstrable experience in conflict resolution

Demonstrable experience in designing and conducting training

Experience of implementing diverse and high impact HR initiatives

Very strong listening and counseling skills

Excellent communication skills with proven ability to present to a large audience.


How to apply?

Send resume accompanied by a cover letter mentioning your current and expected salaries and explaining why you would be a good fit for this role to

The subject line should be HR Manager_Name

We do no discriminate on the basis of a person’s gender, ethnicity or sexual preference.

Candidates from marginalized backgrounds such as Dalit (Scheduled Castes) and Adivasi (Scheduled Tribes) will be given preference.