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Homkund Zatra – Walking on Fire | Living Cultures – Episode 3

The Homkund Zatra is a two day festival in Goa to honour goddess Lairai.

Do you know of a temple that opens only once in a year and where devotees walk on fire barefoot holding a kalsh (pot). The Homkund Zatra is a two day festival in Goa to honour goddess Lairai. It is believed that this tradition started after the goddess Lairai, along with 700 of her devotees, walked barefoot on burning coal as penance for the sin of kicking her brother.

Living Cultures brings you such stories of fading and little known traditions from across the country. In this episode, we take you to Shirgao village, 30 KM from Panjim, the capital city of Goa. Living Cultures: Video Volunteers present an exclusive show that explores fading and little known traditions in India. Watch history, art, music, customs through the eyes of the people who cherish them.

Thanks to the award of YouTube, Google News Initiative, we are now producing a series of YouTube shows. Connect with us on our journey, while we cover many more stories and experiences like these. 

Video produced by Mansi Kumbharjuvekar

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