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Here’s how the Camera transforms a Rural Queer to a Fearless Filmmaker

The Video narrates the journey of our community correspondent Debgopal Mondal who transforms himself from a socially discriminated young gay to a powerful confident filmmaker , through VideoVolunteers.

Debgopal Mondal hails from Uchpur village of Birbhum District , where farming supports the major population. Growing up in rural region as a feminine boy has been a real horror. The village folks often taunted and discriminated him for his feminine gestures, which was always a traumatising experience to live with. However he chose to fight and survive.

In 2016, Debgopal was selected as community correspondent at VideoVolunteers wherein he was imparted with filmmaking skills on social issues. This proved to be a major turning point in his life , after which he only continued to flourish.

He has filmed 20 community Videos till now, and successfully managed to solve 3 of them. These community issue solving skills through camera and community mobilisation has earned him due respect in the community and opened the doors for new opportunities.

Debgopal says VideoVolunteers is the most amazing experience that has happened to him till date.

Video by Community Correspondent, Debgopal Mondal.

Article by Sameer Malik, a Member of VV Team.

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