Help Palsingh get a tricycle

As a child you might have participated in three-legged races where your legs are tied together. 10 - 15 kids desperately hopping to finish line. Some give up while others are determined to reach the finish line. Now imagine doing that for the rest of your lives... Not that funny eh? CC Bhan Sahu shines some light on Palsingh's life & his persistence to improve it. 

Bearing harsh situations has become part of the daily grind for Palsingh. He's constantly challenged by the ways of the world. Losing a leg at an early age left a dent on his self image. But instead of giving up, Palsingh still treads the stormy trails and believes a tricycle might help navigate the world just a little better.

Palsingh's demands are neither big nor are they futile. The government of India provides tricycles to people with handicaps, free of cost. For Palsingh, a tricycle would mean mobility and opportunity. An opportunity to get back into the world and tackle problems as they come, opening up a wide range of possibilities. While the government provides these tricycles for free, the process to get one is complicated. All earlier attempts to avail of one have proved to be futile for Palsingh.

Palsingh's wife has been a like a pillar for him. She alone supports the whole family. If it wasn't for her, he would have given up a long time ago. She is the only real family he has. His father sold the house and left nothing for Palsingh. When Palsingh injured his leg, it was the villagers who rallied together and collected funds for his operation. The whole community supported Palsingh even though his own had long abandoned him. That's the power of a united community. They have made every effort to get Palsingh the tricycle and disability pension that he's entitled to.

Stuck in the shifting sands of a fast failing system, Palsingh needs a little help. YOUR HELP. A text or call from you can help Palsingh get his life back on track. If you're unsure about calling or sending a text, you can just share the story and let your friends know. Let them decide if they want to support Palsingh in his quest for a better life, full of opportunities. We have found success in cases where there was no hope for as long as 30 years. Yet, with help of people like you, we have created impact in lives of thousands of people - people who need change the most.

You can call: Priyanka Shukla +91 - 9479053511, Chief Officer, Rajnandgaon Panchayat, Chattisgarh and ask her to act immediately and provide Palsingh with what is rightfully his.

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