Government Plays with Power, Dalits Displaced

The government and a power company are forcefully acquiring Dalit land, leading to violence. “It is ridiculous that they want to use such fertile land for a power company,” says Ajeet. “And that too, at the risk of ruining the lives of almost 50,000 people. I can’t believe it. Even today, industrialization always happens in areas where people are barely subsisting. The priorities of our country’s government  need to change.” Eight villages are being affected by the conflict caused around this project. Thousands of farmers have been out protesting for more than a month now, and clashes with the police led to the death of one farmer. The farmers have established a union and have set up camp close to the wire fences around the land and refuse to let anyone from the power company to resume construction work. The company, JP, is now in the process of preparing to build a helipad on the land. “They came to the place I work in Allahabad. They came to request help from certain politicians and I was at the office of the activist’s union, which is in the same building. I started talking to them because they seemed so disturbed. I went to where they had set up camp to do this video. I came back disturbed.”

Nashik-Based Organisation Revives Centuries Old Aquifers

/ January 14, 2022

Youngsters from Nashik came together under an organisation and helped revive water sources near their village.

An Acid Attack and 18 Surgeries Later, This Entrepreneur Still Awaits Justice

/ January 10, 2022

The law sided with the accused who was let off citing lack of evidence.

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