Can Uniform Alone
Ensure Education?

Rajasthan introduces common uniform code for students of private and government schools. ‘Focus on standard of education’, say parents. Sunita Kasera, the correspondent of this video and a mother of three school-going children reports that in her district Karauli government has decided to introduce a common uniform code. Under this, students of both private schools and government schools will wear the same uniforms. The idea behind this is to bridge the gap between students of private and government schools, as well as help students in government schools stop feeling inferior than the students of private schools who are often dressed in smarter uniforms. However Sunita, like several other parents in her community who send their children to private schools, say that though smart uniform is a good move, the real focus of the government should be on matching the overall quality of education of private schools.

In India, government run schools are often a symbol of poor education quality and deprivation of basic facilities. Petty corruption such as bribes taken by teachers is rampant in these schools. Discipline is hardly followed as teachers themselves come and go as and how they want. Most schools also have inadequate number of teachers and do not complete the syllabus before examination. So, save a few isolated cases, standard of education in the government schools is far below the average.

These are reasons why parents are unwilling to send their students to a government school. Many parents like Sunita struggle to pay the tuition fees of private schools, yet they don’t send their children to government schools where education is free. Because they feel, if they admitted their children in government schools, the future of the children would be bleak.

Students in government schools are aware that they study here because they have no other options. This makes them feel inferior to students of private schools.

The decision to help students of government schools feel at par with private schools by bringing in the common uniform code is good, feels Sunita. But this alone cannot improve the image of government schools. For that the government needs to make sure that the schools have the same facilities and quality that private schools offer. If that is done, Sunita, along with her other community members will be the firsts to take their children out of private schools and admit them in a government school.

To watch more of Sunita reports, click here.

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