Goats come to School, Children stay home

Dandibedo Pahad Village, Boriyo Block, Jharkhand | Jyoti Malto

In this school building the laughter and shouts of children has been replaced by the bleating of goats. Jyoti Malto reports that a school building was constructed but has remained shut for the past 2-3 years. No teacher, no classes, just disappointment.

Community Correspondent Jyoti has reported in her various stories how tribal communities like hers still do not have access to basic infrastructure. In terms of education, it has been evident that multiple government interventions have had only a marginal impact on getting education to tribal communities across India. Currently the literacy rates of Scheduled Tribes in Jharkhand stands at an abysmal 40.7%. The average for Jharkhand is 53.6%, while the national rate is 64%.

Along with a lack of infrastructure and dedicated teachers in the area, a significant challenge is the language of education. Native dialects are often completely ignored, making it difficult for students to understand their courses and also leads to a loss of heritage.

Call to Action: Please call the District Commissioner on +91 9431152021 and ask him to ensure that the school in Dandibedo Pahad is opened and running. 

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