Goats ate their lunch!

The Right to Education Act (RTE) declares that every school must have one teacher per 30 students.  A playground,clean drinking water and sanitation facilities must also be provided.  This is not the case for the school children of Radol village.  They need you phone call to change this today!


Call to Action:Call the number below to enable the students of Radol village to get the basic education facilities they deserve now!


G.D.Kanani, District Education Officer, Surendranagar District, Gujarat, Tel: +91 990 9970219.


VV-Correspondent Bipin Solanki reports from the Primary school of Radol village, Surendranagar district, Gujarat. 


Children not getting the basic facilities they are entitled to.  49 students study in one class with one teacher. 


Bharatiben Patel, the 5th class teacher, puts on a smile to face the diabolical situation, “I used to face a problem before but now I am used to it, because I accept it and me and the children work well together.”


Even meal times are without its troubles.  Goats come and eat the children’s midday meals due to a broken school gate and damaged wall.


Ramila, 6th Class Student tells our Correspondent, “Goats eat the food on our plates.”


With no clean water to drink student’s resort to bringing their own water bottles.  A water tank that was installed previously was so dangerous that it was removed. 


In a previous videoVV-Correspondent Mamata Patra managed to have more teachers hired in the Satsama High School in Sambhalpur district, Odisha.  This shows how community journalism with your support can bring change in the lives of communities.  We can rectify wrongs. 


Can you imagine trying to study in such a school with so many difficulties?  That is why you need to pick up the phone and change this today.  Pressurise the District Education Officer Now!


More videos can be found here.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu.

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