Funds for Books Embezzled

Officials in Nagpur’s education department siphon money from education funds for personal gain. In the annual budget, Nagpur’s education department moved money away from key supplies, such as school bags and books, toward the purchase of steel plates for midday meal schemes. Further, falsely inflated costs were given for the plates, making them appear to be far more expensive than they are in reality. The criminal implications of this action reveal the challenges facing Nagpur’s education system.

The Rhythmic Tribal Culture

/ June 29, 2022

Bastar, in Chattisgarh State, India, is well known for their tribal population, and their unique, distinctive cultural heritage. In this area, the tradition of playing Madar has been going on since time immemorial.

Young Kashmiri Girl Starts her own Fish Farm

/ June 16, 2022

This story is of Heena Parray, a young Kashmiri woman from Jawbhera Awantipura area of Pulwama District. She is quite popular in her area for her business, a fishery.

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