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Fixing India: VV Correspondent Helps Rescue Trafficked Children


Human trafficking is one of the biggest issues in the developing world. India's eastern states like West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand are the worst hit due to trafficking of minor girls and women. They are often sent to other parts of India and even abroad for sex work or to work as a household help.

Video Volunteers community correspondent Harihar Nagbansi, who has been reporting regularly over the condition of labourers in tea estates of Alipurduar (North Bengal), has played a key role in helping return more than 20 girls to their homes. He says that the average wages for tea garden workers are so low that it is impossible for them to take care of themselves. Hence they fall prey to human trafficking agents who are always looking for the most vulnerable families to send their children to other states for work.

Watch how Harihar, in coordination with the local police, helped rescue trafficked minor girls from exploitation.

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