Failure of Total Sanitation Campaign in Bihar

As per Water Aid’s latest survey report, Bihar needs to build 6,900 toilets a day to keep promise of total sanitation.

VV-PACS Community Correspondent Navita Devi from Katihar district, Bihar reports on the failure of the scheme in Gandhigram village. Toilets have been built but the villagers haven’t received any financial assistance under the TSC.

“The BDO & c.O is taking us for a ride” says one resident. Ensuring timely availability of funds needs to be addressed.

Call to Action: You can help by calling the Program Officer, Barari Block, Katihar district at 094316484558.

About the Partnership: The Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme and Video Volunteers have come together to create the Community Correspondents Network. The videos generated by the network will be able to highlight voices from the margins, providing skills to social communicators to provide advocacy tools to community based organisations.

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