Every home get toilet in Jagdishpur

80% of the households of Jagdishpur village of Uttar Pradesh did not have access to toilets.  Villagers had to defecate in open fields. Especially women had to wait until dark to go out. Villagers had encounters accidents with wild and poisonous animals. Community correspondent Shabnam filmed this issue and the video was selected for broadcast on a news channel called IBN7. The video was seen by a business person in Varanasi and they contacted the CC to help them solve their toilet issue. This couple from Varanasi visited the movaiya and jagdishpur village and observed the situations over there. Later they contacted CC and went to her house. CC spoke with this couple and they offered their full support to build the toilets in the village. Few days later they bought all the construction materials into the village and a total of 500 toilets were constructed.
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