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The Right to Education Act came into effect in India on 1st April 2010. A few things that the Act envisions for all schools in India are: · Clean drinking water for all students · Hygienic, separate toilets for girls and boys · Library for studying · Playground It also ensures the all-round development of the child, building on the child’s knowledge, potential and talent. It aims to create an education system in India that is child friendly where they can be free of fear, trauma and anxiety. But CC Vinod reports that the students of the District Medium School in Buldhan district, Maharashtra are not getting any of the above mentioned facilities and rights. The kids don’t have clean water to drink and no clean toilets to use. The clean toilets are always locked by the school authorities and students are not allowed to use them, so the only option for them is to use the unclean toilets. The school library has turned into a useless space rather than the mind expanding experience it could be. There are no magazines/newspapers or good books to read for the students. The school playground is another half-hearted attempt where the equipment that was bought for the kids to play have been confined to one corner to display. Students are not allowed to play with them. The RTE act was implemented by the Government to give the Indian education system a much needed boost. What will happen if we will keep on running away from our responsibilities and won’t take steps towards making this system work? What if we lack the understanding that change will come only when we understand that, for every problem, the solution lies within each society, within ’us’. With everyone’s little effort we can make this act work and make the education system better in our country. To help the students get what they deserve please call the Panchayat education in charge on 07266224169, and ask them to look into this matter as soon as possible and help the kids to get good facilities and an environment where they can grow into more responsible citizens of India.

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